Hello, I'm Bruno.

I'm a designer based in Paris,
I focus

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User Centric

Understand users by observing their behaviors, and analyzing their expectations. Then define their real needs according to the contexts of use, to imagine the most adapted services and products.

Design Thinking

Put the design and the user experience at the heart of the conception and innovation process. In order to improve or create strong value-added services and high-quality products.

Product Design

Test concepts by using wireframes and prototypes, define user-flows with their functional specifications, and finally create a design system and visual language to build the interfaces.

I previously worked at Axance for platforms Univadis.com, .fr, .co.uk, and all.
I'm currently part of teams Open-dialog.fr, Questionnezvoselus.org and Pumgrana.com.
And secretly work on projects Runawayfrom.party, and Asabiyya.space.

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